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The Netherlands has hundreds of thousands of young family caregivers. Children and young people who grow up with, for example, a mother with depression or a brother with a muscular disease. These young family caregivers care for this family member, worry about them and/or miss their care. They also often neglect themselves, because they do not want to be a burden.

Stichting MIJN HELD puts these little heroes in the well-deserved limelight by organizing a meeting for them with their big, known or unknown, hero. From Chantal Janzen to stewardess, from Sarina Wiegman to pilot, and from the selection of sc Heerenveen to chef. Their heroes give them great memories and new energy with which they can continue!

Besides individual meetings, we also organize group events where young caregivers can meet and relax. We also organize inspiration lectures during our College Tour Junior where young family caregivers are inspired and motivated by famous Dutch people who have experienced themselves what it is like to grow up with a sick, addicted, or disabled family member.

Finally, in order to prevent for example school drop-out or psychological problems later in life, Stichting MIJN HELD strives to raise awareness not only among the young family caregivers themselves but also among municipalities, teachers, doctors, etc.

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