Introduction Help Kids

Help Kids is a foundation dedicated to giving children a better future. Our current aid program includes 6 major projects that contribute to the health, welfare and living conditions of children. 

Because we are intensively involved in these projects there is no need for an intermediary, and there are short lines of communication with the various agencies involved.

The Help Kids Foundation was founded by Hennie Huigen who, together with Tonny van den Burgt (Treasurer), Isabelle Schrage (Secretary) and Romana Janshen-Huigen (General member) form the board of Help Kids.

To take you back to the beginning of Help Kids, the board answered several questions.

  • How did you come up with the name Help Kids? Why "Help Kids?"

Obviously a cliche but in our vision children are the foundation for the future. Moreover, we understand from the market that especially childcare does not always get the financial support it deserves. This will have commercial reasons but in our opinion, it is not right and therefore we try to contribute to this segment.

    • What does the Foundation Help Kids do?  

    Our foundation supports the following projects:

    1. Instituto Nacional de Oncología y Radiobiología (Havana, Cuba)
    2. Hospital Pediátrico de Centro Habana (Havana, Cuba)
    3. Alberta Children Hospital (Calgary, Canada)
    4. Sophia Children's Hospital Rotterdam
    5. Foundation Jij Bepaalt (NL and Curacao)
    6. School/Sport projects (Region Matanzas & Moa, Cuba)
    • Are there any other projects you are involved in?  

    We recently added the 'My Hero' foundation to our package; this foundation provides support to young family caregivers who have to completely cut themselves off as caretakers of their parents/family at a (too) young age. In addition, we are always open to new causes that fit our vision.

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