Cuban childrenshospital

> Instituto Nacional de Oncología y Radiobiología

(Havana, Cuba) 


> Hospital Pediátrico de Centro Habana

(Havana, Cuba)

Pediatric 2

When Hennie Huigen, the founder of Children First, walked into the Children hospitals in Havana, he was convinced that help was needed. The knowledge of the Cuban health care system is arguably the best in the Caribbean/Latin America, however due to the economic struggles of recent years, Cuba has had very limited ability to maintain a healthy supply of medical products/medicines, etc. That's where we come in! 

In early 2023, we were able to procure medical products and by the end of 2023, the hospitals will be supplied with everything from gastric lavage to hypodermic needles and various types of bandages. 

Oncologia 1

July 2023, Isabelle Schrage, the Secretary, visited both hospitals and attended presentations so that we can even better coordinate what the hospitals need.

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